Auto Services

We service all cars, any make, model or year. We can repair your car as well as maintain it so you get the most out of your vehicle as long as you own it.

Our services include:
Lube, Oil, Filter Service - Cooling System Service
Brake System Service - Electrical Systems
Transmission Service and Fluid Exchanges
New Tires and Alignment Service - Air Conditioning
Heater Cores and Radiators - Thermostats
Water Pumps - Belts and Hoses
Timing Belt - Odors, Noises, And Leaks
Carburetion, Fuel Injection Systems
Spark Plugs - Suspension and Steering
Complete Brake System and ABS
Check Engine Light (Computer Scanner)
Power Window Repair - Pre-Buy Inspection
Headlight Re-Surfacing - All Scheduled Maintenance
and much more...